If you have a problem with your computer, but it can boot into into Windows e-mail (address is above or click on the link) let us know about the problem you will receive a response as soon as a tech reads the e-mail.  This service is free of charge.


We do not do any advertising or participate in any social media.   All our work is by recommendations.  We build computers for home and business use with the highest quality components.  While the desktop computer is in a dieing state - keep in mind that a desktop computer will outlast any laptop, this due to over heating.   There are many other changes that computers today last longer, run much faster. 

  • Processors are liquid cooled

  • There is available cooling devices for RAM

  • Motherboards are equipped with 2 or 3 slos for M.2 Drives.  M.2 drive are up to 70% faster than conventional drives as well as the original SSD units. 

  • Each computer should use a Video card.  Of course the type of video card you use is dependent on what you will use the computer for,  for example is all you do is surf the web, do typing  all you need is an inexpensive video card but, if you are working on videos or doing graphic work, or lastly play onlines games you will require a much higher end video card.   Keep in mind the addition of the video card will keep your processor running some what cooler.